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Black Blog Of The Day: Storm Warning: A Matter of Scale


Storm Warning: A Matter of Scale
Thaddeus Howze is the writer for Storm Warning: A Matter of Scale; a blog that focuses on commentary about science, technology, and social/political issues affecting the human community. He is also a writer with the “San Francisco Technology” discussing computers and technology in greater detail. 

He is currently an online radio host of a technology program called Wavefront and he co-hosts a program called Afterthoughts where he and Sandra Newton discuss authors and their books on empowerment (whether that be social, economic, or political). He is also a guest speaker on a variety of other shows discussing science and technology, personal responsibility, relationships, autism and its potential treatments, socialized medicine and the prison-industrial complex, just to name a few.

He is a twenty eight year veteran of the Information technology and communication industry with expertise in enterprise networking, system administration, system development and executive management of IT services. He is extremely familiar with the Mac-OS, Windows and Linux operating systems as well as the major console systems including the Wii, the Xbox and the Sony PlayStation and their many technical descendants. He is a subject-matter expert with the Internet and its software technologies including wikis, blogs, content management systems other social media technologies.

Please feel free to contact him for more information about his work.

Thaddeus Howze • Visionary Autism Advocate  •  Hayward, CA 

Visit His Blogs:

A Matter of Scale
San Francisco IT Examiner.com
Mediawavefront – support blog for Wavefront –
Mediasphere – News Time Capsule –
Media Biography

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