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One thought on “Submit an article

    Hello lovers! Apparently some people, and hopefully you as well, find my life to be a shit-com and think it’s only fair I share it with the world. When it comes to my life, for the most part, if anything could go wrong… it usually does! Take for instance the day I had the bright idea to have “the talk” with my parents. Hey, all my friends were doing it so I took it upon myself to join in on the fun. In my household I was always told that Africans are to be a certain way and certain topics should never be discussed. So basically, I was suppose to just magically be pregnant someday and never discuss sex or anything with my parents. Really? How the hell was that suppose to work? Knowing this I still decided to ask my parents where babies come from. Most of my sexual knowledge came from 90210…don’t judge! Donna Martin losing her virginity to David was such a big deal!!! Anywho, I go to my parents room and just blurt out “Where do babies come from???” My dad turns off his tv and gives me the greatest death stare of my life. It made me pee a little not gonna lie. Being the crazy person that I am I asked again and even said “What is sex?” I still don’t know how I didn’t get smacked right then and there. My dad then looks at my mom who gives him the you go ahead look. I was expecting to just get kicked out of the room, but when my dad asked if I was being serious and I nodded he agreed to have an adult conversation with me. At that moment I felt excited and a little awkward. So my dad attempts to go into the logistics, I remember the words penis and vagina, and then he just stops mid-sentence and says “Do you really wanna know where babies come from?” I nod eagerly and my dad says,”STUPIDITY!” He claims that only stupid people made babies and sex is the act of being stupid. Really dad? He was dead serious! So of course I say that means that he and my mom are complete idiots because they have four children. His response? …” Well when you’re married it’s not stupid, now get out!” Yep… babies come from stupidity. Til this day my dad still asks if I’ve been stupid….sorry daddy…I have! 🙂 Stay tuned for some misadventures…story of my life!


    Penny Olsen

    Currently loving: Feist- “Brandy Alexander”

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