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Get More Blog Subscribers With Contests


Get more subscribers to your blog by hosting a contest. Create a contest and get readers to join by subscribing to the site and submitting their information. This is a simple fun way to increase readership. Provide readers with a simple gift of appreciation.

Make sure that the prize is of value to your readers yet not costly to your pocket. It is better to have 5 prizes than one grand prize because it increases the chances of winning for your readers. You will also have more happy winners talking about the prize they won from your site. This word of mouth will in turn, increase the amount of traffic to your site. Join in on contest fever. Your readers will love you for it!

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“Blogging for Success Series” by Jessica Ann Mitchell

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3 thoughts on “Get More Blog Subscribers With Contests

  1. Thanks Jess again for a great post!
    I want to hold a contest but I am not sure if I should hold it now or in feb. I’ll think about it. Gotta get some good prizes, ya know?

  2. I understand completely Joey. Don’t rush it. Make sure that when you do hold a contest, it is worth it for both you and the contestants.

  3. Giveaways and contests are fun if you add them as an “incentive” for something later on. Starting a blog it’s so tempting to get in “giveaway” mode and forget why you want readers to visit your site in the first place. Your content has to be spot on and structured where readers find value in what you post.

    Coming to a site that appears to try and lure me in for a giveaway is fine if done every once in a while. Some blogs I come across do it all the time and eventually no contest is worth sticking around if that is all you post. If I come to your site and you have great content, then I will come back again and again.

    Giveaways are just that: Giveaways and nothing more. Most that come for them will follow your site and then come back and unfollow when your not looking, so you have to be realistic with your expectations.

    Visitors tend to be shallow when that is all they visit you for. With giveaways, there is no substance to it and eventually people get bored. Lead with content first and then adding a giveaway every once in a while is looked at as a Treat!

    Readers want to know what’s in it for them and not for you.

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