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How to Advertise Your Blog Offline


Get business cards. All advertising for your blog should not be web based. Make sure that you get business cards and give them out wherever you go. Make sure that they are pleasing to the eye and express exactly what your blog is about. Include the website address (hopefully a custom domain), your name, email address, and the general subject matter of your site.

This is a great way to advertise because people will walk around with your small little blogging billboard. Having this visual encourages people to visit your site. has great low priced rates for business cards. They also have a variety of card templates to choose from.

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“Blogging for Success Series” by Jessica Ann Mitchell

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11 thoughts on “How to Advertise Your Blog Offline

  1. Business cards are a valuable asset to any blogger or website owner. We have to remember that networking is still face to face and hand to hand.

  2. I need business cards bad. Thanks for this post. I think that too often people forget to publicize themselves in the real world. Not just online

  3. They are very essential to your business and blog. I use to get mine from Vistaprint, but now use If you sign up for Vistaprint specials, you can get them super cheap. Don’t pay retail.

  4. It is widely accepted that business cards are a good introduction to people and it is easy to carry fifty or so cards with you at all times. I used to promote this way exclusively, but since starting with Internet Marketing, got away from it a little. Thanks for the quick reminder. I will share the prodding with my associates also.

  5. I’ve been doing that for awhile. It’s a good offline marketing tactic. I feel that it’s useful when it comes to networking with bloggers or other people in the digital world in regards to paid advertising or sponsorships.

  6. Biz cards are easy but if you’re REALLY serious about marketing your blog OFFLINE why not:

    1. Pitch your blog idea to local newspaper. It’s called newsjacking…You take the headline, write a really good blog post around that offline news story, then pitch your idea to the paper or magazine’s assignment editor.

    2. Get real guerrilla like the party promoters and do some creative flyers with a QR code that leads back to your site or an individual post. My biz card has a QR code that links to post on my site that includes a social media guide.

    3. Bumber stickers, T shirts etc. Cafe press is open all day, every day.

    4. Partner with a local business and do some cross promotion.

    5. Read these good suggestions too

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