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Increase Web Traffic by Engaging Audience


When readers post comments they are sharing their thoughts. This is the perfect time to engage in dialogue. Failing to interact with your readers can decrease readership because its signals to readers that their thoughts are not of value to you and your site. Become involved in the conversations that take place on your blog. In some cases, it helps to comment first and take initiative towards starting dialogue. Be sure to avoid engaging in arguments with your readers. If there are any disagreements, it is better for the disagreements to be between the readerships than the blog writer. It is better for blog writers to mediate than to agitate.

Also, engaging with readers creates more of a community atmosphere. The more comfortable readers are with your blog/website, the more likely they are to continue coming back. Repeat visitors are what make blogs valuable. Anybody can get a few people to come to their blog but if people keep coming back for more, it shows that your blog is of importance. This will attract other readers as well. Remember that communication is the key.

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“Blogging for Success Series” by Jessica Ann Mitchell

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16 thoughts on “Increase Web Traffic by Engaging Audience

  1. This article is very helpful. We ignore our readers far too often sometimes. We need to make sure that they know we are paying attention to them.

  2. it is important to join in on the discussions at our blogs. Not only to engage but to also monitor what interests people the most about our articles. Thanks again for this post!

  3. Usually, I am against moderating comments. However, if you feel that certain comments threaten the integrity of your site. Then it may be appropriate to remove them for the sake of other readers.

  4. Staying engaged with your readers is the best networking tool a blogger can utilize. Readers love it when their responses get acknowledged and it lets them know that you care what they had to say. I can’t say how important this is to any blog and if you’re not engaging with your readers, you are truly missing out.

    This keeps visitors coming back and their words don’t fall on “deaf ears”.

  5. Very useful information shared, You won’t believe simply how much time I had spent for finding these kind of information!

  6. Really informative article. It helps me. Because I have a web site. I want to get good page rank for my web site.

  7. I could not agree more on this topic. I absolutely hate it when respond to a post that I found to be interesting and use-able and I get a one word response back from the blogger. It makes me feel like I’m being blown off because they just don’t have the time to deal with me.

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