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Planning Ahead To Make Your Blog Successful


Save time by planning ahead. Things can be hectic when you’re coming up with topics last minute or trying to find time to write. Get a special notebook and write out all of your ideas for your blog. It may seem overwhelming at first. However, this is a good way to keep you grounded in the purpose of your blog. At the same time, you have a set path to follow in helping you reach your blogging goals.

Write out the titles of different topics you would like to cover. Plan which day you will post your articles. Pre-schedule, Pre-blog, and Pre-post. Take one day out of the week to re-organize. By planning ahead, you can save yourself a lot of stress and turmoil.

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“Blogging for Success Series” by Jessica Ann Mitchell

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12 thoughts on “Planning Ahead To Make Your Blog Successful

  1. I find creating a Blogging Schedule can help take the guess work out what to write. I work during the day and try so sticking to a blog schedule helps me stay focused and not left wondering what to write.

    My first blog I only post once a week and my other blog it’s every day or every other day. On Monday: Blog Lessons; Tues: Misc; Weds: Best of Post; Thursday: Blog Tip; Friday: Weekly Wrap up.

    I think the topics I post about make it easier for me to write posts without thinking and I get most of my ideas from my experience, comments on my blog or from Forums I frequent.

    1. Sonia, I totally agree with having day posts (Monday:blog lessons, etc). That’s how I set mine up and it’s been working well for me. Sometimes it’s hard but now that I’m back into a routine with posting at LEAST three times a week with set topics (Mommy Monday for ex) makes it so much easier.


  2. I am happy to have found this post and it will help me tremendously with my blogging! I have so much to write about; however, I end up not posting anything due to poor time management! I will begin to “Pre-schedule, Pre-blog, and Pre-post and start using my handy dandy notebook!”

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