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Chef and Steward are a husband and wife team on an epicurean journey. After all, life is bland without good food and good times. As much as they are intrigued by gastronomical delights, they are trying to balance both the kitchen and bathroom scales. Healthy food can be tasty and tasty food can healthy. Food should be used as medicine but that doesn’t mean it ought to taste like it. Lij is a sous chef in a fine-dining restaurant and Kari is a writer, photographer, filmmaker, and of course, the head cook and bottle washer in their low-carb home kitchen. Originally from the beautiful West Indian island of Jamaica, they are expatriates based in Dubai.


You may be wondering what on earth would a professional chef be doing associating himself with a low carbohydrate lifestyle? Good question. Quick answer- His wife ! You know how it goes, it is usually the woman who decides the profile of the domestic kitchen and this case is no exception.  The Steward transitioned to the low carb lifestyle and refused to buy and cook things that would not help her case.  The Chef only noticed that they were eating lots more veggies and his chef pant were fitting looser.

But why low-carb as opposed to the 4 decades of low-fat ideology that we have been hearing?   We are turning the food pyramid upside down.  Notice that the carbs are less and that veggies and proteins are the mainstay. It is an optimal protein, higher fat, low carbohydrate approach to cooking and eating which simply guarantees great food. We are holding the back on the carbs, not the butter!

This is particularly critical since people of colour around the world have a greater incidence of diabetes and health complications due to diabetes.  We are demonstrating in a fun, colourful, easy and very tasty way HOW to make those dietary adjustments in a way that won’t break the bank.    Eating healthy does NOT have to be expensive! We are illustrating that by encouraging the tricks of the culinary trade to keep food costs down while intensifying the flavours. Furthermore, as Jamaicans, we KNOW about spices and people of colour all over the world can identify with tasty, spicier food.

Often times we are told “you need to change your lifestyle” or “you need to lose weight” but we don’t know HOW.  And sometimes we hear “no oil, no sugar, no red meat, no salt and lots of exercise.” Now you can’t tell black people that can you?  Plus how does a fatigued overweight person find the energy to exercise when he or she is overwhelmed by the excess weight?   We are not encouraging a “weight loss diet.” We just want people to see that healthy food is tasty.  And if they look and see the pics, they will want to dig in and make their own.  If the inches melt off over time, even better!

As any gourmand will tell you, the best food comes from the best produce. We buy as fresh as possible and try to stay away from processed and franken foods.

We also provide  more information and research about this low carb way of life for those who have suffered under every food philosophy imaginable and think that keeping off weight means starving or eating like a goat.


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