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Green Afro Diva

The purpose of this blog was to bring forth issues that affect the environment in general. It was to be used as a tool to educate people(in particular African Americans) about living a healthier lifestyle and what they can do to reduce their carbon footprint. Well, is still about that. But this blog is more than just that aspect. I will be blogging about issues that affect everyone and even add in some personal anecdotes. From relationships, politics, food, and to just overall well being, Green Afro Diva wants people in the community to live better, work better and to feel like they are contributing to bettering their community.

I live in Baltimore MD and I am a army veteran. I have a young daughter and live with my husband. I started this company in Febuary 2009 because of the lack of programs targeting low income communities, but more specifically, African Americans, about the benefits of a natural and greener environment. I noticed that people want to do something, but do not know what they can do. Green Afro Diva is a natural living company for people of color. We are all about living a more greener and cleaner lifestyle without coming off preachy. We want to change the image that people associate with the green and natural movement as pot smoking, afro or dreadlock wearing, non- meat eating hippies.

The blog touches on not just issues dealing with food, fitness and the environment but also sex, travel and mental stability. The company markets beauty products, home decor, apparel, and makeup as it’s starting point but will expand globally. These are quality, mostly handmade products, made with not just love, but with sound research on the ingredients used. As noted above, this blog is used as a vehicle to expand Green Afro Diva’s message of natural living through education, outreach, and of course, quality handmade products. I am not a nutritionist, scientist, doctor or politician, so I do not try to claim knowledge on any available subject. All of the topics are opinions of my own yet if needed, will include links and researched sources.

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