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Shanessa’s Hot Topics


Dr. Shanessa Fenner is a Principal of an elementary school, writer, songwriter and TV host.  Her blog is entitled “Shanessa’s Hot Topics.”  The blog’s focus ranges from education, entertainment, politics and the latest news.  Shanessa loves to discuss various topics that peaks reader’s thoughts and interests.

Blog Tip

Always select a topic that will stir up people’s energies and emotions.  Make sure your post is heartfelt and you are being true and genuine about your thoughts and feelings towards the topic.  Build your fan base by communicating with the people who post on your blog.  Have tough skin because some people are not so nice.

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4 thoughts on “Shanessa’s Hot Topics

  1. This is great to see an administrator online and contributing outside of the school house. Much love Dr. Fenner. Keep up the great working in role modeling and mentorting. I’m also in elementary education, teaching
    physical education and technology. The two favorite subjects in school, but
    also making contributions outside in the community.
    Wm Jackson
    Jacksonville, Florida

  2. Dr. Shanessa Fenner I truly salute you as an administrator as well. I currently work in the school system as a paraprofessional in Georgia and I will be moving into a full time teaching position soon. I know that there are a lot of issues surronding education and there are so many politics related to education also. The students need more positive role models and better parent involvement. Are children are still having issues reading at their particular grade level as well as having troubles in math and science. Plus there is the added pressure of standardized testing. There is much work to be done in public education.

  3. I wish I could commend Dr. Fenner as you all have, but unfortunately my child goes to the school she is a principal at. I have never seen her even though I take my child to school and walk her to her class nearly every morning. When letters are sent home like her introductory letter when school first started, they are merely her going on about her self and all the things she does as opposed to telling me the parent who pays her salary that she is excited to start a new year and has big plans for our children’s education. Is she focused a little more on being a present part of the school system instead of a blogger or radio personality or fashionista maybe the school and faculty would be in better condition then they are at this time.

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