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Deborah Gabriel’s Lifestyle Challenge

Deborah Gabriel

Deborah Gabriel’s Lifestyle Challenge is one woman’s personal journey of her
mission as a 40+ professional to make dramatic lifestyle changes by leading
a healthier lifestyle and embracing her afro textured hair, loving it and
growing it! But it is also a useful resource for any woman who wants to
improve her health through weight loss and for any black woman looking for
useful tips and advice on black hair care.

Deborah Gabriel is a journalist, author, journalism lecturer, PhD researcher
and social entrepreneur who runs a non-profit journalism training and new
publishing company in the UK called People with Voices.

I also have  a Best Blogging Tip of the Day – How to Write Engaging

Most blog posts are based on personal opinion, a way of expressing views on
a range of issues, as opposed to traditional news stories which are based on
fact. But columnists are paid big bucks for their opinions – usually because
they are either trained journalists or have considerable expertise on the
topic they write about. But as bloggers you can write engaging commentaries
for your blogs if you follow a few simple steps:

1. Ensure you are knowledgeable on the topic you are blogging about – if not
research it thoroughly.
2.  Be entertaining – humour is entertaining but be mindful of your
3. Engage the reader – the best way to do this is by allowing your
personality to shine through your writing – don’t be too formal.
4. Advance a coherent argument – don’t jump from pillar to post – make two
to three clear points.
5. Back up arguments with evidence and examples – unsubstantiated statements
don’t hold water.
6. Have a strong conclusion that is thought-provoking – you want to leave
your readers with something to think about – or even better to discuss with

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