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Black Bloggers Join Nationwide To Support Troy Davis


PRLog (Press Release)Sep 19, 2011 – Troy Davis was convicted in 1989 of murdering a Savannah police officer. However, the case against Davis lacked any significant evidence connecting him to the crime. The Troy Davis case has gained international attention causing even Archbishop Desmond Tutu to chime in. Yet, the push to save Troy Davis’ life has been championed by another pertinent force, black bloggers. Black bloggers around the world have filled blogs, forums, chat rooms, and social media networks in strong support of Troy Davis.  Thousands of blogs around the nation have posted videos and articles encouraging others to join in on the fight to save Davis’ life.

Black Bloggers Connect, a social media network of 300 black bloggers, partnered with The Urban Politico, an award winning political blog, to host the “Blogging For Troy Online Conference.” The online conference encouraged bloggers to continue writing about the Troy Davis case. On Sunday, September 18th, the online conference concluded with a Twitter forum with black bloggers from: New York, NY, Boston, MA, Miami, FL, Atlanta, GA, Milwaukee, WI, Toledo, OH, and Newark, NJ.  Black bloggers from Canada and Nigeria also participated to show their support.

Thousands of Twitter followers tuned in as black bloggers expressed their concerns with the case. Many shared links to articles that highlighted the rate of executed prisoners that were later found to be innocent.  Others expressed high levels of concern with how U.S. justice system addresses the death penalty. Articles about the case from mainstream news outlets such as CNN, Reuters, the New York Times and the Washington Post were also shared through social media networks.  Bloggers also encouraged readers to sign petitions with and Amnesty International.

“It is important for us to make our voices known on this issue. It’s great to see black bloggers joining together on issues affecting our communities. We can’t allow the perspectives of our communities to be marginalized.  “, says Jessica Ann Mitchell the founder of

The group is planning on hosting more meet-ups and online conferences in the near future. Meanwhile, black bloggers around the world are continuing to write, share and advocate for justice.

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