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About Sonia Winland

Born California, I grew up in the Bay Area and have been a resident for 30+ years.  As a Marketing VP & Executive Admin for an IT Consulting Firm in California, I found myself focusing my off time in Blogging when I created,

My penchant for sharing what I have learned over the years with Marketing and Website design has been labor of love where I can help newbie’s ride the waves of building a winning blog. In August, I created, where I am able to help new and old bloggers fine tune their existing blog design, layout and navigation. I don’t claim to be a “guru “or perfect and I have made my fair share of mistakes, but if I can help just one person make their blog better, blog smarter and still KEEP IT REAL, then that is fine with me!

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My personal interests include travel, writing, golf, motivation, self improvement, camping, fishing and baking peanut butter cookies for my boyfriend.  I have (4) new best friends: (2) Marlin’s and (2) Remington’s.  You might meet them if you show up to my house unannounced.

My Joys:

The love of my life: My Man
My Family – Felicia, Mom & Bro
My girls: Brandy & Christy
My Doggies and Kitties
My Job

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7 thoughts on “Sonia Winland –

    1. You are worthy of being honored! Your site is not only entertaining, but the tips you have provided have helped me tremendously! I’ve passed on these tips to help others mold and promote their sites as well.

      Congratulations on being featured!

  1. Just took a look at your site, being that you are a fellow black blogger and all. Very clean and nicely laid out. Good luck, I will be a frequent visitor.


  2. Wow! You have a sharp Word Press blog! Did you use the standard templates to create your blog? It really looks nice! Keep up the great work!


    1. I am using a design by monkify. There was some issues in the beginning, but I think all the bugs are gone. For the most I am quite pleased. Thank you so much for your kind words!

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