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Naeem Congo:


I am a 30′s something relatively new husband and new father, and anyone in my shoes knows how hectic that life can be. So of course we all have our escapes in life. Some people go out-side, while I prefer to go on-line and just read about what’s going on this crazy world. As I read about story after story, I like to add my two cents to the story, which often makes it better than what’s written.

I’m also known for writing crazy, yet comical comments on my friend’s Facebook post. On one friend’s post, she called me a fool for a comment I made. And I responded, “I only speak the foolish truth”. I immediately like the way it sounded. It perfectly described my thoughts and words. And so here we are. I started my very own blog to capture my unique speaking voice.  I will discuss everything from politics to puppies. I’m a follower of pop culture and you should check out my blog if you’re a fan as well. You may find it foolish, but what else is new.

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2 thoughts on “Naeem Congo:

  1. Keep up the blogging! We need more thoughtful content by and about black people. At one time, the idea that the earth is round was a “foolish” idea, but it was truth.



    1. Thank you Sarah for the support and recognition. I really enjoy visiting the Black Blogger Network, and meeting with other black bloggers with similar interest, and not so similar interest.

      In regards to my blog, it’s still in it’s infancy stage, but I’m always working on ways to improve the content and the connection with my loyal and new readers. I believe journeys don’t always end the same way they began.

      I look forward to connecting with all of you, and I wish everyone the best of luck.

      Naeem Congo

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