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Have You Quit Blogging?


With the New Year, many of us have increased our blogging efforts as a New Year’s resolution. However, the busy holiday season or other reasons have contributed to some bloggers falling off the blogging cliff. Sometimes we get tired, overwhelmed or simply do not have the time. For whatever reason, at times blogging takes a back seat to life’s priorities. Does this apply to you? Have you quit blogging or are you at a standstill?

Here are some quick solutions to get you back on track.

1. Create a schedule that will guide your efforts.
2. Pick at least one topic that you can definitely write about at least once a week.
3. Post one of your favorite videos with a short commentary.
4. Don’t force it. Only write about what you love and new blog post ideas will flow like a river.

Good luck on all of your blogging endeavors.

Jessica Ann Mitchell
Black Bloggers Connect Founder


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4 thoughts on “Have You Quit Blogging?

  1. Whenever someone asks me how I can keep at it with such drive, I remind them that I'm passionate about my topic and I want to accomplish more than just a premier blog; my blog is the doorway to more.

    I recommend that people write 30 articles; don't post them, just write them (if 30 is too much, write 20). If you can do this, then you can maintain a blog in the niche you've chosen. If not, choose something else – what can't you shut up about?

    And then get help. After my first year of Keep the Tail Wagging, once I built the following and analytics, I called out for guest bloggers and several people responded. I was looking for people who's writing would compliment my site. This will free up 5 days a month (I post 5-6 days a month) to allow me to promote promote promote.

    Looking for inspiration for blog posts – hit the forums and groups and answer questions in a blog post. Read books, watch the news, and read other blogs in your niche. My blog is scheduled out 30-45 days and I was writing 95% of my own content.

    But don't give up. If you love it, then go for it.

  2. Kimberly you sound like a machine 🙂 I'm curious what is your motivation for maintaining a Blog; is if financial reward, self-expression, a mission? I'll visit after I make this post — the answer will probably be self-evident after the visit. Peace

  3. No I haven't. I do take breaks throughout the year to curb fatigue though. I also have a calendar that I follow and decided to post only 3 times a week this year (unless something else comes up) then I'll post more. I already have February done and working on March. I suggest guest posts. That helps me at least once a week with content.

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