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Have You Exercised Your Brain?


Exercise Your Brain: Black Bloggers Connect Takes on Lumosity

For the past month, television channels have been flooded with ads from a new website called Lumosity. Lumosity features a series of challenges & games that are set to expand the brain’s capabilities. It is literally a gym for your brain. Black Bloggers Connect staff decided to take on Lumosity.

The program begins by asking you what areas of improvement are your most concerned about. We picked “remembering names” and “recalling the location of objects”.  

Lumosity then creates a personalized training program based on your needs.
The first game we played was Speed Match. They show a series of circles and users have to quickly decided whether or not the preceding circle matches the current one. It seems simple but can get confusing because the circles look so similar. This game really exercises your brain’s ability to focus and think quickly.

The next game was Memory Matrix. During this game, users are shown a number of blocks in different patterns. After Lumosity flashes the blocks, users must remember the number of blocks and also recreate the pattern the blocks were in. This challenges the mind’s ability to expand in-depth memorization.

The final game was called Eagle Eye. During this game a flying bird and a number are flashed across the screen. Users must remember exactly where the bird was located. Users must also remember the number that was flashed when the bird was shown. This game emphasizes focus, memorization and multitasking capabilities.

After a few tries, the game includes distractions to further test memorization.

After each session of Eagle Eye, a bird piece is created to add to your bird journal.

When the training session is completed, Lumosity shows users their personal best scores and Lumosity points.

 Our conclusion: Black Bloggers Connect recommends Lumosity for building memory and speed. The brain exercises are fun and easy to understand. Entrepreneurs and bloggers could benefit from this program’s ability to help your mind multitask. Take a break from work and visit Lumosity for some intellectual fun and games.

Jessica Ann Mitchell
Founder, Black Bloggers Connect

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