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CNN Removes Soledad O’Brien From Morning Show

News to Use: CNN changes morning lineup, sans Soledad O'Brien.
According to The Daily Beast, Soledad O'Brien will no longer have a morning show on CNN. Jeff Zucker, the new president of CNN is making major changes including removing O'Brien from the morning spot due to low ratings. There is no word yet on what this means for the future of O'Brien with CNN.
 The Daily Beast Excerpt:
"Zucker launched his makeover Tuesday by announcing the imminent arrival of ABC News anchor Chris Cuomo to take over the troubled 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. slot currently occupied by Soledad O’Brien. According to network sources, Cuomo, who was said to be unhappy at ABC’s 20/20 since being passed over in 2009 for the top job at Good Morning America, will be joined in the morning by the current anchor of CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront, leaving a hole for Zucker to fill at 7 p.m."
Jessica Ann Mitchell
Founder, Black Bloggers Connect

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3 thoughts on “CNN Removes Soledad O’Brien From Morning Show

  1. Good Riddance. Her "in-depth" review of Blacks in America that included a segment in Harlem where a resident claimed that they don't eat healthy because they can't find fresh food in Harlem was tripe. She has been getting a pass just in the name of diversity.

  2. Depending on the part of Harlem I think it's possible, I know back in the day it seemed like a desert but now in the parts I've seen there are supermarkets rather than simply what we call bodega's. Bodegas used to have limited selection, lots of "convenience food" and very few veggies.

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