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Drama In The Fashion Blogging World, People Faking It

Pinterest recently published an article about an emerging trend in the fashion blogging world. Faking it til you make it. Apparently many fashion bloggers are now claiming that they received free (but very expensive) merchandise from top tier brands in the fashion world. However, they really did not receive them for free. They went and shelled out big bucks to get the latest expensive fashion trend. Why do they do this? Because it makes them look more successful and famous as fashion bloggers.

 It can even attract other brands to actually give them more products with the hopes that they will feature it on their bloggers.  Its a very interesting ordeal. The fashion blogging world is highly competitive and if you look the part it apparently goes a long way. However, it could damage the readers’ trust in their favorite blogs if they learn that the blogger has been fibbing to look chic.

Jessica Ann Mitchell
Black Bloggers Connect, Founder

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