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Stacey Taylor Aka The SistahChick Wins The Social Impact Awards



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The Winner

Stacey Taylor aka The SistahChick is the newest winner of The Social Impact Awards. Stacey Taylor is a writer, blogger and social media maven whose main focus is family, children, natural hair and Atlanta.

How Stacey Taylor Makes A Social Media Impact

Stacey’s audience is large and diverse consisting of 3985 Twitter followers, 1100+ Facebook Fans, and 3200+ Youtube subscribers. She has impacted her online community by dedicating her life and time to helping women by increasing their knowledge of the benefits of natural hair. She also helps children build their self-esteem. Her main contributions include: sponsoring and/or hosting natural hair and social media events (for kids) in Atlanta, creating natural hair instructional videos for adults and kids on YouTube, and reporting on natural hair social events in Atlanta. She also runs a number of social media entities.

photo (1)Stacey is the creator of The Sistah Cafe (, where she blogs about Atlanta’s thriving natural hair community and its events. She also blogs about her life as a Black, self-employed, wife and mother. Additionally, Stacey is the creator of Our Natural Kids (, a social networking platform for parents to share ideas and resources about natural hair while also promoting natural hair health styles and maintenance for kids. They have 2200+ dedicated members across the nation and worldwide (10 countries).

Our Natural Kids has been spreading the word about the physical and emotional benefits of keeping kids’ hair in its natural state since 2010.

Additionally, Stacey is a staff writer for the largest independent African American marriage and parenting site on the web, She’s a staff writer for Atlanta’s Ultimate City Living Go To Guide and the Lead Press Supporter for Atlanta’s premiere celebration of natural black beauty FroFashion Week.

The SistahChick and Our Natural Kids partners with and collaborates to present natural hair related events for kids in Atlanta. They are also frequent sponsors of Chocolate Chat Atlanta.

Find The SistahChick on:



Instagram & Twitter: @TheSistahChick




The Social Impact Awards is a weekly award given to Black bloggers making a significant social media impact in their niche markets and online communities. Learn more about The Social Impact Awards here or to nominate someone email

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