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Rewind: Why blogging is good for your career


In 2009, CNN published an excellent article about why blogging is good for careers.


Check out some of the article highlights:

In an already crowded blogosphere, why would you want to be just another small fish in a huge pond? Adrienne Waldo thought the same thing before she started her own marketing blog, Ask a Millennial.

But once she started to post, she realized people were reading and interested in what she had to say. It helped her freelance career and she believes it can help others, too.

“Especially for someone just out of school, a blog is an excellent supplement to a résumé,” Waldo says. “It serves as a sort of enhanced writing sample because it allows employers a unique look at your personality in addition to seeing that you can, in fact, write. It also shows that you’re tech-savvy and motivated — both extremely important qualities to have in today’s job market.”

“A blog can be useful for countless reasons, so it’s best to decide for yourself what your purpose in starting it is,” she recommends. “It’s certainly fantastic for both visibility and staying current in today’s market, but how you position it is ultimately going to determine how it works for you.”


Read the full article here.

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