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Black Patients Less Likely To Request Discounted Medicine


bbc-newsReuters and The Journal of Emergency Medicine report that African American emergency room patients are less likely to request lower costing medicine. For the most part, many are not aware that cheaper versions of medicine are available and many don’t ask. According to the study, White patients are more likely to ask for cheaper drugs. Due to the high cost of medicine, emergency room physicians are now being encouraged to educate their patients and give them more information about lower costing options.

Reuters Reports:

The participants reported taking an average of four medications every day, and 44 percent said they were unable to afford at least one of their drugs. One in four respondents said they had trouble paying for their medications at least half of the time.

African Americans were less likely to be aware of pharmacies that offer lower prices for medications. Some large retail pharmacies charge $5 for a 30-day supply of certain drugs, for example. White participants were almost three times more likely than African Americans to be able to name such discount pharmacy options.


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One thought on “Black Patients Less Likely To Request Discounted Medicine

  1. I thought Black people always asked for a discount. I guess I was wrong. lol. I think there’s a stigma about non-brand medicines.

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