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Hey Blogger! Who the bleep are you?



Blogging has emerged as the leading online media source. As the blogosphere expands, opportunities for bloggers continue to grow. Unfortunately, many bloggers do not realize their power until it’s too late.  As your blog grows, take some time to do introspection. Figure out who you are as a blogger and what you want to achieve.

It’s time for bloggers to understand that the world is at their fingertips. Without realizing your power, you can become susceptible to being underappreciated and overused.

Companies are constantly seeking blogger product reviews, giveaways and promotions. Understand that everything you post on your blog is an asset. Only participate in promotions or endorsements if they will specifically benefit you and your readers. It’s easy to get excited when a promotional request comes your way. But if you continue to accept non-payment for your support, it will be harder for you to transition to having a profitable blog.

Recognize your gift and your power as a media maven and stop selling yourself short. Start setting standards for what you post and whom you post it for. Only do promotions if there will be a return on investment, like additional publicity for your blog.

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