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3 Fantastic Signs It’s Time To Monetize Your Blog



When you gain a steady following

After hard work and patience, your blog has gained a following. Readers return to your blog for updates on their favorite topics. You have a steady stream of page views and comments. Now is the time to monetize because readers love your work and trust your opinion. Monetization can come in a variety of forms including: image ads, product reviews, and social media promotions. Make sure you provide full disclosure somewhere on your site that lets readers know that you accept money from advertisers of certain products.

When companies start contacting you

As your blog gets a more established online ranking, marketing agencies will probably start contacting you. These companies have coordinators that have the sole task of seeking out bloggers. They will probably ask you to promote an event, movie or product. The first solicitation is usually an exciting experience for bloggers. However, be careful not to become the free promotions catch all for marketers. Create a media kit that features your prices for marketing and share it with prospective advertisers.

When your blog ranks high for your niche in search engines

By now, most bloggers use some sort of tracking tool like Google Analytics, to see where traffic is coming from. On Google Analytics, bloggers have the ability to view key search engine terms that lead readers to their blog. If you receive a substantial amount of traffic for key words in your niche, this is a sign that your blog has monetization potential. For example, if you have a mommy blog and your site keeps getting views from key words like “best organic diapers” or “shoes for newborns,” your pages have the ability to generate clicks for advertisers of those products.

If you are interested in eventually monetizing your blog, be on the look out for these 3 signs.

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  1. Good tips, I need to get everything organized before I start charging for ads. I’m thinking about monetizing through Chikita ad network. Are they better than Google Adsense?

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