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Black Blog of The Day: Black Transracial Adoptee on The Adopted Life


The Adopted Life ( began as a personal blog that allowed Angela to process publicly her emotions and experience as a transracial adoptee; a means by which she hoped to build a community of other adoptees growing up in closed adoptions.

Angela Tucker is a nationally-recognized thought leader on transracial adoption and is an advocate for adoptee rights. In 2013, at the age of 26, Angela’s own story of adoption and search for her birth parents was featured in the groundbreaking documentary, CLOSURE, which is available on Netflix. Angela has traveled the nation as an advocate for open relationships within adoption, transparency for adoptee stories and education for adoptive parents about the impacts of transracial adoption particularly in regards to African-American children adopted by Caucasian parents.

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One thought on “Black Blog of The Day: Black Transracial Adoptee on The Adopted Life

  1. I’m an adult adoptee , I was adopted at six months old it was not transracial but I see my self as multi-racial not black, I was able to meet my birth father the experience was amazing and I met my siblings as well it was a great experience and also challenging because we didn’t grow up together so it was different being around my birth family in 2010 My birth father and one of my brothers passed away this was the hardest time for me because I waited so long to met them and now they are gone. I have enjoyed the time I had with them both and I enjoy the family I have and I am meeting more family through I am feeling amazing about my birth family. I was not able to met my birth mother she died Mar 24 1998, I cried till I couldn’t cry anymore. I met my birth family in 2009, I continue to love and met family.

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