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53 thoughts on “Submit

  1. African American people around the world are uniting and creating wealth amongst their people! This movement will be taken around the world with the sole purpose of bringing wealth to the African American People. Today African Americans stand 41 million strong. We are strong in numbers and joined together collectively working towards one goal nothing could prevent us from achieving our goals! We are uniting and investing our dollars in our people to achieve financial success. There is an extreme wealth disproportion in America and because of this, our people are dying. We face severe education, healthcare, economics, environmental justice and criminal justice realities. Depending on someone else to solve our current economic problems are a thing of the past. This dream will never come true in America. History shows us this. “Insanity is doing over and over the thing that do not work over and over again.” Instead, this is a recipe for failure. Our conditions are too intense and advanced to sit idly by hoping and wishing for help, therefore we are taking charge to remove the economic and social restraints we face. We are taking charge of our financial freedom by joining together to spread abundance amongst our people. This movement is exactly what our people need as millions of us are in severe need of relief! No one is going to help our people’s condition because if they were, they would have done it by now. Uplift your Brothers & Sisters financially! Come and unite with us! Decide to make a commitment to take action and uplift your Brother’s & Sisters financially today! United we come to stand! Abundance Awaits!

  2. Our Children Must Conform…To What?
    By Okpara Nosakhere

    I was in my car, sitting at a traffic light, when two young African American boys crossed the street. They were between the ages of 12 and 14. Both wore Afros, causing me to flash back to the 60’s and 70’s, when the “Bush” hairstyle represented a King and Queen through out every black neighborhood in America and around the world. It was all about being cool, expressing a posture of pride and reassurance.

    Then my eyes gazed downward to the rest of their anatomy. The T-shirts were fine. White and colorfully designed images with the latest Rapp Artists. But, then we get to the pants. Blue Jean, opened at the front, pulled down to about 3 inches above the knee. The underwear were white with red poke-a-dots all over. I got the impression that he has a flair for outward expression.
    As you would image, my response was to shake my head from side to side and go…tisk…tisk…tisk, in disappointment.

    Of course I went through the mental anguish of saying to myself, “If they only would apply themselves they could have so much more in life”. I’d go through the basics of food, clothing and shelter. Having a nice car, a beautiful wife and children. Going to the beach every summer and holiday. Taking a cruise once a year with close friends. Having a great job you love and retirement guaranteed, benefits in 20 to 30 years.

    Then it hit me! How many of us have those things anymore and what job provides that kind of security? How many friends do we know that are out of work, some with Masters and PhD’s. They are out of the career fields driving taxicabs and flipping burgers at a fast food store.

    I then asked myself… What are we asking our children to conform to living in a culture of mass confusion?

  3. Blond and Blue

    Throughout history, people have created a ranking system that designates one thing better than another. Often it was based on a hierarchal premise that the rich and powerful dictated what was better or worse. The class system followed this pattern to meet their particular needs, disallowing any concern for emotional or psychological repercussions that ultimately follows with this form of characterization.

    There is always an idealistic dream that expresses supreme goodness of man treating everyone equally kind and loving, but we know that dream is not even seen in fairy tales or love stories. There is always an antagonist that creates an atmosphere of hate, fear and disunity. In America this hatred has been demonstrated by the white male and female towards people of a darker hue.

    There have been a number of research experiments consciously or unconsciously assessing the success of brain washing African Americans to hate themselves. One of the most evident was the 1940’s experiment of Dr’s. Kenneth and Mamie Clark, using dolls to study attitudes about race. They found that Black children often preferred to play with white dolls than black. This was viewed as evidence of internalized racism caused by stigmatization. A more recent experiment in the 80’s had rendered the same outcome.

    It appears that white women, with the guidance of white men in the field of fashion and cosmetics, created a standard for what beauty is for white women. Evidence for this phenomenon is demonstrated by the projection of white, blue eyed, blonde haired women as the pinnacle of natural beauty, a Nordic look that is remnant of the Viking era. If young white children with brunette hair were put in the position of selecting between a blonde and brunette, which would they pick? Could a similar experiment be created for young white girls, asking the same question as were asked of black children: i.e. Which doll is the bad one or which one is ugly, etc.

    We know there are many white women who dye their hair blonde because of what it symbolizes: presence, wealth, beauty, and etc. “Blondes have more fun”. Often times Blondes are depicted as mindless airheads, but still heralded by white men as the purist of the Arian race. Do you think white girls, who are not naturally blonde, are sensitive to the recognition given to those with “golden, lighter, yellow hair, and do some of our black sisters aspire to have this image by dying and straightening their hair?

    The question is not asked to offend, but to analyze, synthesize and evaluate our consciousness as we pass on behavior patterns, which may or may not be psychologically detrimental.

  4. A global warming controversy still exists for a range of reasons.

    Hopefully, this represents some sort of indication that,
    even here in God’s country, Cache Valley, Utah, we’ve had
    enough of the ultra extreme far right for awhile. This remarkable invention is under development with the University of
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  5. Are White Women Unintentionally Exploiting African-Americans
    Recent history has witnessed struggles by African-Americans to right the wrongs of yesteryears, but ended up benefiting unintended groups that had not participated in them. Three major players and instances – NAACP and the Civil Rights movement; Anita Hill and the Clarence Thomas sexual harassment saga; and the Rice and Anderson hullabaloo around spanking and spousal abuse — have been used to publicize those issues mainly for the benefit of the white-dominated society. Of concern is that African-Americans pay a hefty price for societal problems that cut across races, classes, ethnicities, and sexes.
    The manifest goal of NAACP and the Civil Rights Movements was to end desegregation, racial discrimination, lynch-like violence, and biased unemployment. Rosa Park set the stage for bus boycotts in Montgomery, the Selma to Montgomery marches, sit-ins at Woolworth’s lunch counters, culminating with the King-led 1963 freedom and jobs March on Washington. The Brown vs. Board of Education that ended school desegregation was one of the major achievements. So was the end of discrimination in employment and access to public accommodations.
    Although white women did not take part in the struggles for civil rights, with some opposing them, they also latently benefitted following the end of hiring discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion or national origin. The EEOC regulatory body safeguarded the interests of African-Americans and white females, as well as Hispanic and Oriental females. The Affirmative Action benefitted not only African –Americans, but also females of all races. Federal, state, and cities were directed to offer equal number of contracts to black and female contactors. Admission to colleges took race and gender into consideration. Gender biased criteria for military or police services, such as weight, height, or pregnancy, were removed. Apparently, the sociological “minority” is not a numerical term, but a qualitative one: It includes groups that have historically been excluded from accessing resources, power and prestige. Thus, any program that is designed to benefit African-Americans as an economic minority par excellence, also benefits white females. Besides, what will stop a white male from using his “minority” female partner to win a city contract?
    The problem of sexual harassment at the white-dominated workplace had existed before Anita Hill, but she became the poster child for the phenomenon. Of concern is why white females did not take up arms theretofore to fight against the usually white bosses? Did they have to wait for the African-American “brother” and sister to do the dirty work for them?
    When, in 1991, Thurgood Marshall, the liberal-minded icon of civil rights movement in the Supreme Court retired, it was a big blow to African-Americans. He had legally championed school desegregation. Republican President Bush decided to replace him with a conservative African-American — Clarence Thomas — who was likely to undo the civil right gains. Democrats, African-Americans and women groups opposed the nomination, but in vain.
    When the vetting process reached the Senate Floor, gloves came off: Anita Hill, a law professor, was brought in to belatedly accuse Thomas of sexual harassment while they both working at EEOC. The hearing sessions stooped as low as bringing up high-school discussions about inappropriate sexual behavior and pornography. The media ran away with Hill’s allegations. Thomas fought back by playing the race card he was known to have downplayed in the past: He declared he was a victim of “high-tech lynching for uppity Blacks.”
    Although Thomas was eventually confirmed, the legacy of their saga was to bring sexual harassment to the front burner. According to EEOC, between 1991 and 1996, sexual harassment complaints jumped from 6,127 to 15, 342. Awards to mostly white female victims almost quadrupled from 7.7 million to 27.8 million dollars.
    House wives, including white, brown, and oriental, breathe a sigh of relief following the recent accusations of spousal abuse involving Ray Rice, the Ravens footballer. Despite the fact that the “victim” admitted her part in the unacceptable encounter (the tongue can leave even deeper marks!), the media and the court of public opinion did not relent. Rice and other African- American players have become shining faces of spousal abuse nationwide and beyond.
    Even white kids seem to have benefitted from footballer Adrian Peterson. Incidentally, as you read this word, a white kid is being spanked somewhere in the suburb. As you grunt, a Catholic nun is paddling a mischievous third grader. It does not matter that about 19 states allow corporal punishment at home, while 20 allow it in public schools. An African-American mother has to decide whether to spank her son now while he is till malleable, or have him get “spanked” later by inmates. Do court clerks lose their bread-winning opportunities for disciplining their kids, or administering bruise-free slaps on the their wives’ cheeks?
    As if African-Americans have not been adequately used to bring to the national consciousness human-related issues, they have also been “exploited” by the humane society to safeguard the wellbeing of animals. Michael Vick and company were conveniently employed to hopefully end dog fighting. Paradoxically, it seems cruelty against animals earns one 23 months in prison sooner than cruelty against a fellow human being.
    African-Americans might have assisted the extension of voting rights to white women and others. The women must have lamented about being overlooked by the 1870 15th Amendment that extended voting rights to African-American males — descendants of former slaves! It was not until 50 years later that the 19th Amendment that gave women the right to vote was passed. Hadn’t African-Americans received voting rights before them, women could be waiting to-date — reminiscent of the persistence of unequal pay along gender lines today.
    In that conjunction, the first African–American President, Obama, may have enhanced the chances of having the first female president come 2016. I can just imagine how upset white women were when they learned an African-American became president before one of their own did. I will not be surprised if Hilary Clinton’s supporters play the race card while arguing their case for a female president.
    Thus, in addition to being “exploited” in aspects of civil rights to minorities, affirmative action, sexual harassment, spanking, spousal violence, animal cruelty, Hollywood inter-racial marital violence (OJ), group-specific profiling (NJ Turnpike), rape (Tyson), how long will African-Americans at the societal periphery continue to personify social problems at the white-dominated societal core?

    In this age of globalization, of concern is whether the female-centered maladies and probable remedy could be achieved and sustained not only in America, but also overseas! Unfortunately, anti-women legislation and violence are likely to continue as long as there is no true democracy (50/50 male/female representation). In my book, “An African Student in Russia,” I argue that we currently have “homocracy” (male-rule), not democracy. We are still in Ancient Athens where “democracy” took shape; women, slaves and the landless were excluded from the “Demo/People” category. Short of true democracy, violence against women in the world will continue.
    Countries notorious for female injustice and violent include Afghanistan (female illiteracy); Democratic Republic of Congo (militarize/war rape); Bangladesh (human trafficking); China (female infanticide); Ecuador (honor killing); India (caste cleansing); Pakistan (dowry violence); Syria (refugee abuse); Azerbaijan (abduction marriage); Thailand (child prostitution); Ghana (ritual sexual slavery); Nepal (forced prostitution); Ireland (forced abortion); Qatar (female stoning); and East European Roma Population (forced sterilization). Of concern is who will act as poster children for the social ills in question to shine media light Hollywood dramatization? African-American athletes and personalities can only be “exploited” up to a certain geographical limit – not beyond.
    Onesphor Kyara, Ph.D.

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  7. Brown Killer, Garner Chocker and Police Physical Dis-Qualification
    Lilliput Island of Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels: That was what the two diminutive policemen out of the four involved in subduing Garner reminded me. The least “physically” qualified copita could only contribute by going after the most vulnerable and safe part of his Gulliver’s anatomy – the windpipe. It was the only part he could contribute, while the “men” handled manhandled him. Incidentally, policing is the only contact profession where size matters the most. Nonetheless, the Lilliputian has every right to be in the force that does not exclude anyone irrespective of race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and, in his case, height and physical qualification.
    The Vatican City Swiss Guards have to be at least 5’ 9’’ tall, aged between 19 and 30; thus, the emphasis is physical strength to effectively perform their duties. Police academies in America usually require an applicant to be 5’ 7’’ tall, and 140 to 180 pounds in weight. However, it is one thing to qualify for the academy, and different story when it comes to apprehending a suspect in “tough” parts of a city. The problem is complicated by the multiracial and multiethnic society like America, with a gentle giant from Birmingham, AL, and a pint size lad of Vietnamese descent in downtown St. Paul, MN.
    Although the minimum height requirement to join the military is lower, about 4’10’’ for females and males, the nature of their mission is somewhat different: A military fellow goes after an obviously armed nameless foreigner located at a distance; a cop goes after unarmed, or covertly armed, namable and identifiable fellow citizen. Whereas the ultimate goal of a soldier is to kill, the manifest mission of a policeman is to prevent death. Preserving life of one’s own is physically and emotionally more taxing than taking out the life of the indifferent “other.”
    Unfortunately, some of the members of the police forces are not physically qualified to face suspects of Brown’s and Garner’s size of any race or ethnicity. And like a cornered black mamba, a scared diminutive cop with a badge and a gun (snake’s poison) is the most dangerous organism in that particular space and time frames. I don’t know about you, but if I face a short cop with probable Napoleonic Complex, I will hit the ground first, and ask questions later. I can risk arguing with a cop of my size and expect to come to some understanding. Not with a Lilliputian!
    Although equal employment opportunity policy ought to be applied in virtually every profession, it appears it is not applicable when it comes to policing. It is the most contact of “sports.” As such, I would rather deploy Women to the Badlands of Kandahar (Afghanistan), and Men to the streets of Harlem.
    NYC Mayor suggested retraining could solve the problem. He is partly right. What he didn’t say is that training an all-rounded policeperson could take even longer than training a doctor, probably nine years, instead of a doctor’s seven — or thereabout. A doctor deals with a person’s body. A cop deals with the world around a person’s body – from internal organs to interpersonal or person-property interactions.
    Standard course in police academies, as listed in the “Regular Basic Course (RBC), range from 01: Leadership, professionalism and ethics, via criminal justice, economic crimes, arrest and control, to 43: Emergency Management. Many more courses are needed in addition to the current ones; they include:
    i). Human anatomy and physiology (body parts, organs and vulnerabilities)
    ii) Physical Anthropology (race-specific characteristics – from Irish to Laotian)
    ii) Sociology (formal and informal groups, behaviors, dynamics and deviant types)
    iii.) Cultural Anthropology (Cultural and sub-cultural/gang behavior)
    iv) Linguistic Anthropology (verbal and nonverbal communication, bad gestures)
    iv) Psychology (thought patterns of various individuals and groups
    v) Logic (logical and illogical reasoning, explanations, and behaviors)
    vi) Gender studies (male and female mind-sets, perception of reality)
    vii) And on, and on.
    Then again, whom am I kidding! What we have witnessed in Ferguson and New York are symptoms of a larger societal problem – lack of true democracy from bottom to the top. Neither practical physical qualifications, nor enhanced police training, would solve the problem on long-term basis. As suggested in my book, “An African Student in Russia,” all political organizations from the community level to Congress and executive branch need to replicate the gender composition of a family unit – male and female equal participation. In essence, there ought to be a balanced contribution of both the “fathers” and “mothers” to prevent crime against any individual regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion and other bases of social divisions — victimizers and victims of police brutality included. Progesterone is needed at all levels of decision making and action to create a needed balance between masculine rational real politicking and feminine sensitivity.
    Hopefully, a female president (which seems unlikely in the current definition and consciousness of democracy) would set the democratization process in motion – from top to bottom. Prevailing social and related problems would henceforth wither away slowly, but surely. Not only at home, but also abroad.
    O. Kyara, Ph.D.

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  9. Holocaust Commemoration: What about the Gypsies and Anti-Romanism?
    Native-American and African Holocaust?

    Most of the World observed the “International Holocaust Remembrance Day” on January 27, 2015. The day also marked the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. Tribute was rightfully paid to the six million Jews and millions others annihilated by the Nazis. While simultaneously honoring those who survived the apparent genocide, there is growing alert against reemergence of anti-Semitism in Eastern and Western Europe. To counter such a trend, efforts are being made the world over to consider each life to be valid and sacred regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or any other real, or imagined, bases of social divide. Recent terrorist attacks in Paris, including at a Kosha business entity, is a stern reminder of the danger of going back to the bad old days.
    Of concern, however, is whether there has been overemphasis of the plight of the Jews, while overlooking the fate of other groups that do not have equal access to resources, media coverage and well-wishers to argue their case. Notable among overlooked groups are the Gypsies who also faced genocide and mistreatment not only in the hands of the Nazis, but also non-Nazis in Germany and elsewhere. Of concern is how they have grown invisible?
    Incidentally, language has been conveniently used to render them invisible. Webster’s definition of Holocaust reads, “the killing of millions of Jews and other people (Italics mine) by the Nazis during World War II.” As stated above, the 70th Anniversary is generally stated as paying tribute to six million Jews and “others” who were murdered by the Nazis. Bearing in mind the number of the Gypsies who perished in their Porajmos (devouring), numbering between 250,000 and 1.5 million (or a quarter of Jewish victims), it seems the lumping of the Gypsies under the “others” category does not do them justice. They have been reduced to what has been termed “forgotten victims.” Should they still be marginalized if, like anti-Semitism, they are also victims of “anti-Romanism” across Europe?
    Next to the Jews, the Gypsies, or Roma, were singled out for genocide based mainly on racial and religious exclusivity. Unlike in anti-Semitism, the Nazis enjoyed support from the non-Nazis as well in the mission to eliminate the Roma. Like the Jews, the Gypsies were also sent to slave labor camps and/or gas chambers. Likewise, Gypsies were rounded up not only in Germany, but also in the Soviet Union, Poland, Serbia, and elsewhere, ending up in concentration camps in Auschwitz-Birkenau, Treblinka, and Dachau — to mention but a handful of final destinations. Comparably, Gypsies were sterilized and confined to ghettos from Eastern to Western Europe. After all, both Jews and Roma were defined by Hitler’s “Nuremberg Laws” as, “enemies of the race-based state.”
    The question is, “Why have the Gypsies/Roma been marginalized in our collective memory and commemoration ritual?” As anti-Semitism gains momentum across Europe, the Roma are being deported and/or confined to ghettos across Europe. Does the darker-skinned race of exotic origin have anything to do with it? Is it probable that their reported origin in Northwestern India placed them to the underclass category? Or is it because most of them arrived to Europe as slaves? Racially and/or ethnically-speaking, are they below the Aryans, Slavs and Jews?
    Alternatively, is it their unorthodox nomadic lifestyle that sets them apart from the sedentary European populations? Even if some of them rely on informal exchange economy, begging or petty thievery, they cannot be forgotten. Lifestyle apart, their ethnic identity, including a “strange” language, customs, traditions, and standards or ethics, esthetics and etiquette, might have pitied them against their Anglo-Saxon counterparts.
    As if the barriers are not enough, their ancient religion – neither Judeo-Christian, nor Islam – placed them in a suspicious category. Historically, they didn’t seem to have an official creed, presumably disdainful of organized religion. They were known to be among the last Godless people in Europe, worshiping, instead, Kali, their Goddess. A male “Horned God” they were known to worship earned them a label similar to the Wicca – neo-Pagan, Earth-centered religion. Although they usually converted to the dominant religions in the host nations – hence Gypsy Catholics, Muslims, Protestants, Anglicans and Baptists — it seems they are not considered fully integrated.
    As an economic-determinist, it appears the financial bottom line is the main culprit. In Europe, the Roma are disproportionately uneducated and poor. A third of the European Roma are unemployed, 20 per cent have no health insurance, and 80 per cent live below the poverty line. Needless for data, the Jews are relatively better off than the Gypsies, with influence in key spheres of society, notably in academia and media. As such, they can afford to mold public psych to sympathize with their plight, while the Gypsies are left to fend for themselves. It is no surprise that there are over 60 Jewish-biased Holocaust Museums across the globe, including in South America. Based on such numerous memorial sites, one may wonder as to whether the loss of a Jewish life was graver than that of a Gypsy!
    Granted that any Holocaust Museum commemorates the Jews and “others” as well — notably the Roma. On the other hand, how many genocide museums commemorate primarily the Gypsies? Taking into account the outcaste status of the Roma, from Italy to Rumania, should the Gypsies have their own “homeland” curved out for them somewhere in Europe, such as in the Asian part of Russia, reminiscent to the Jewish homeland of Israel and call it “Gypsiland” or “Romanistan?”
    By the same token, it is intriguing as to why there are hardly any commemorative museums for Native-Americans who also experienced virtual genocide? If upon arrival of the Europeans in America in mid 15th Century there were about five million Native Americans, and by 19th Century there were only 250,000, the loss of 4.75 million people qualifies for genocide. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of museums to commemorate the ‘Red Indian” genocide, namely in Houston, TX and Tulsa, OK. Efforts have been made to have a space at the Smithsonian.
    Likewise, African-Americans can also boast only a handful of commemorative slave museums, such as “America’s Black-Holocaust Museum” at Wauwatosa, WI. There may be a few others elsewhere, but do not compare to the copious reserved to the Jews across the globe. Should there be a genocide Museum on the African continent as well? For Africans in Africa, the brothers and sisters who were forced to leave the continent were as good as dead. The slave traders left no contact addresses – direct or indirect!
    Thus, each racial and ethnic group that was subjected to attempted, or conclusive, genocide, as was the case with Aboriginal Tasmanians, deserves its own commemorative Holocaust Museum. In the haste to fight encroaching anti-Semitism, disdain for anti-Romanism (and anti Native-Americans; anti-African-Americans, etc) should be emphasized just as sternly. Unless, of course, all men are not created equal!!
    Onesphor Kyara, PhD.

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  18. Rachel Dolezal: Thanks for Contributing to Issues of Race Identity and Relations
    The Rachel Dolezal saga is the best news I have heard in recent times as far as the fluidity of race identity and relations in America goes. A white girl from Spokane, Washington – a state with about four percent African-American population — passing for an African-American sista, is a phenomenal story: It doesn’t get any better than this! Using her fabricated personal identity, coupled with experience as a “black woman,” she has raised the discussion of race and associated subtopics to a higher level.
    Ms Dolezal singlehanded proved how absurd and topically-superficial racial categories are. She has proved race is not only skin-deep, but could also be topically shallow. Add to that agreeable hair-do, and one ends up challenging the biological significance of racial identity. In essence, race is a matter of social, or even personal, convention. After all, chronicle has it that a whole segment of the American population was labeled “Red Indian” thanks to topical application of a mixture of red ocher and animal fat lotion to fend off the bugs.
    Then there is Ms. Dolezal’s nonconventional family composition in a state which is about 80 per cent white: A white couple with a white daughter and four adopted colored brothers! Ms. Dolezal might have stood out, hence her probable desire to transform from a “colorless” (or blanken, German for white) individual to a more “colorful” one to look like her siblings. Whether this was her idea of rebelling against the family she seems to be at loggerheads with, she must have realized too late that once you “become” black, you can’t go back. It is no wonder that she had to “invent” a black father to fit the bill. One may claim she went too far, but who has not claimed to be what one isn’t (think resume) — only at a less degree of gravity.
    Granted that there were benefits to be reaped as a “minority,” notably the full scholarship she is believed to have received at the African- Americans’ “Harvard” — Howard University. Career-wise, there were more opportunities for her as a double “minority” (by race and gender) in the African-American community. Chances are the NAACP branch office in Spokane must have benefitted from having a person who was both “white” by biology, but “black” by sociology: She could speak both languages.
    In the larger scheme of things racial, she has confirmed race is not a biological category but rather a social construct which differs from America to Brazil; from Japan to South Africa. She has proved how bizarre the notion of hypo descent is, whereby a child of a mixed parents takes the identity of the parent of lower socio-economic status (black). She did not have to be half-black to be considered black. If a half-white baby cannot be categorized as white, why can’t a white baby girl be classified as half black after applying some lotion, thus qualifying for black label identity!. The mere fact that she has lived as “black woman” proves the irrelevance and redundancy of classifying people by races. She seems to suggest the notion of race has to be eradicated from human consciousness.
    What next? She should continue to keep her desired identity, reminiscent of Bruce Jenner becoming Kaitlin the other day, and continue to fight for the cause of her adaptive race group? Sure. She has the qualifications that matter. With the small percent of African-Americans in Washington State, NAACP can use all the help it can get to attain its mission. Besides, no one understands the “other” better than she does.
    On an anecdotal note, the NAACP should make her an “honorary black,” reminiscent of the “honorary white” visa status extended to author E.R Braithwaite (of To Sir With Love and Honorary White books) when he visited Apartheid South Africa in 1973. As for Hollywood Academy Award voters, if Ms Dolezal does not deserve get an award next time around, there could be riots somewhere!!

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    avec la conf qui aimerait meme pas 800€ si tu le commande sur materiel.
    net @ilgreco112 merci j’ai bien ri chrome os que windows…

    J’ai l’impression que l’on a une vrai arnaque plus cher
    qu’une surface 3 avec un tarifs proche du macbook !
    Alors qu’il n’a ni la qualité de l’un et de l’autre ni un os
    aussi efficace que sur l’un ou sur l’autre !
    @ethanfel si jamais on connait chrome os c’est pour cela que l’on se pose des
    problèmes sur le prix d’autant plus qu’avec un os gratuit et un vide en terme
    de capacité ! Quant à la batterie attendons de découvrir à l’usage ne jamais négliger que les
    nexus selon google c’est les meilleures autonomies du marché
    LoL ! Le truc qui est bien c’est les 8go mais je ne sais pas quoi envisager vu que 8go pour réaliser tourner un os aussi limité cela montre la faiblesse de
    l’optimisation ! c’est parce que vous êtes
    toujours attachés à l’informatique du passé, donc
    à les pc, vous ne voyez pas encore les possibilités de chromeOS, vous pensez qu’on ne peut rien faire avec,
    cependant je vous affirme qu’on peut tout faire avec chromeOS, 1To sur google
    Drive c’est large, et extrêmement intéressant, les ‘ oui mais vie privée ceci cela ‘
    je ne comprends pas, vous n’avez qu’a sélectionner ce que vous mettez dessus
    et vous n’aurez rien à craindre. Chrome OS se trouve être le numéro 1 des OS plan laptop.

    Windows 8 ( bientot dix ) se trouve être moche et tellement gourmand que si vous n’avez pas un laptop un temps soit peu décent vous allez peter un plomb.
    chrome OS fonctionne actuellement très bien loin ligne et toujours
    de mieux en mieux ( et puis, je ne me suis jamais retrouvé dans une localisation ou je n’avais pas
    la toile de puis type juillet 2008 ),

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